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Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet Metal Bending-Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team

We all know to bend as the act of deforming a certain material in order for it to arrive at the specific shape that you need. Most of the elements and the compounds we know of today can be bent – from plastic, wood, even steel, and metal.

Sheet metal is among the most basic types and parts of steel and metal fabrication and it’s where most of the things we now know of come from. The roof and the body of your car? The computer you have at home? The airplane that you ride on every once in a while? – they are all a product of the wide industry of metal fabrication, and most likely, they’ve undergone sheet metal bending.

What is Sheet Metal Bending?

Should you be confused about what sheet metal bending is, let us try to dissect the term by defining each of the given terms. Sheet metal is the simplest and the most basic form of steel and metal – it is a “sheet of metal” and it is what’s the most used in the metal and steel fabrication procedure.

Bending, to continue, in the industry is known as the activity of forming sheet metal. It is done and completed by exerting a force that can shape and make the metal follow the shape that the client wants and needs.

Sheet metal bending can be done and performed by many, if not all contract manufacturers and metal fabrication companies but if you want the best – then we here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team are the manufacturer and the fabrication company you can very well work with.

The Text Illustration of Sheet Metal Bending

To give you an example of what sheet metal bending is and how it’s done, imagine a sheet metal that needs to be transformed into a channel. This sheet metal will be fed to a machine that can perform the bending and the shaping of it.

From that position, the applied force to the workpiece, which is called the bending movement, needs to be at a force that is capable of making the steel or the metal malleable so it can take up a new shape.

Depending on how you want your channel to be wide and/or narrow will depend on the force of the bending movement.

Equipment Used in Sheet Metal Bending

As you may have expected, sheet metal bending can be done and performed by using press brakes, coining machines, and even roll bending machines.

However, we here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team rely on the power and the overall efficiency of our press brake machines to perform a wide variety of services to produce the parts and components that our clients ask us for.

Using our highly-advanced CNC press brake machines, we can produce about 800 bends an hour depending on the volume of production that you need – and, of course, depending on the complexity of the folds you’re looking for.

Why It’s Important to Work With Us

We’re not telling you to work with us because we’re the best – we’re telling you to choose us to perform the sheet metal bending that you need for the following reasons that we’re sure you’re not going to get from any other company of fabrication expert.

If you choose us to perform the sheet metal bending you require, you can expect that we will be able to help you with the most accurate and the most precise bends. Our accuracy, precision, and overall quality of our bends will make you want to work with us again.

Other companies and metal fabrication experts and manufacturers promote their services to be fast – but that’s not fast enough. Our company can promise you lightning speed production and manufacturing and you will never feel the need to look for another metal fabrication company ever again!

Lightning speed production means that in an hour, we can produce a total of 800 bends per machine that we have! We’re sure that those numbers are more than enough to suffice your needs of bending and shaping sheet metals.

Unlike how other companies do it, you will never feel the need to finish all of the products and the outputs we deliver to you because all of it would be finished in the ways that you want. We can perform a whole wide range of sheet metal bending finishes from the regular and the traditional metal plating, buff polishing, even powder coating!

Our strength is in powder coating so you would not have to worry about the finishing of your parts and components! You will get all of the parts and components you need finished and polished in the best ways they can!

One of the downsides that sheet metal bending has is the fact that it can undergo a spring back especially if it has not been done properly. The “spring back” is the type of recovery that the sheet metal can take after it is bent.

More often than not, regular bending would result in mild-to-severe spring back because of the insufficient force the punch provides. However, with the bending that we perform here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team, which is bottoming, there’ll be little-to-no spring backs involved in the process.

This is because of the tools, equipment, and the conspiring skills and expertise our engineers and our designers have.

For all of your sheet metal bending needs, there’s no other company more skilled than us here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team. We’ll be your all-in-one manufacturer and metal fabrication expert and you will always look forward to working with us.

Give us here in Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team a call and you will never experience anything bad or negative about the services we’re doing. Call us now and receive the quotation that you need for all the services and the products and the outputs you need us to perform.

Experience world-class and robust-quality services in just a few easy clicks!

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