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Sheet Metal Rolling

Sheet metal rolling-Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team

The process of sheet metal rolling has been considered to be one of the fundamentals of bending, stretching, forming, and shaping metal. Many metal workers in the past thought that rolling steel was easier for them to be formed and to be pressed into a specific shape that they needed their metals to be in.

Because of this, the creation of sheet metal rollers and rolling machines came to life and it also was one of the most sought and most purchased equipment and machinery in the industry.

In the entire state of Michigan, we at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team are the company that many businesses and even manufacturers considered as their go-to company whenever they needed to manipulate and to form, shape, and bend metal.

Rolling Sheet Metal

The process of rolling sheet metal has been introduced since the evolution of how people made houses, infrastructures, and machines. According to the reason by most metal workers and fabrication experts, they found it better and simpler to shape and form rolled metal. Because of its shape, they were easier to work with.

Here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team, we have two (2) different ways when we’re asked to perform sheet metal rolling: it can either be hot rolled or cold rolled – and the differences of the two methods are far from one another.

What is Hot Rolled Steel?

It’s pretty self-explanatory – but to explain it further, hot rolled steel is the types of steel rolled in high temperatures – normally above the crystallization temperature of steel above 1700 degrees Fahrenheit or 926.7 degrees Celsius.

All industries and businesses would need hot rolled steel depending on the project or the product they need to create and to fabricate. But what benefits could companies and businesses get from the process of hot rolling steel?

Benefits of Hot Rolling

Because of the fact that hot rolled steel is done in high temperatures, it becomes more flexible and malleable. Moreover, it can be cut to a wide range and spectrum of shapes and it can be done without exerting much effort.

As a matter of fact, hot rolling can produce a wide spectrum of shapes and forms and it can be used in a wide range of industries and businesses.

When subduing sheet metal to high temperatures, it becomes a lot lighter and easier to form. Hot rolling is one of the things that companies look for in order for them to be able to produce many units and amounts of it.

What is Cold Rolled Steel?

Cold rolled steel, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of hot rolling. However, it does not involve rolling the steel in low temperatures. Instead, it runs through the process of hot rolling too, it is then cooled down.

When it reaches the regular room temperature, it goes through the rollers the second time in order to fully emphasize the shape and the role that they steel or the sheet metal needs.

Typically speaking, cold-rolled steel is a lot more expensive than hot rolled steel – and it’s because of the following factors:

  • They’re more durable and rigid
  • Compared to hot rolled steel, they require more processes and procedures

But overall, how can cold rolled steel be beneficial to the business and the projects of companies and businesses?

Benefits of Cold Rolling

If you thought that cold rolling possesses a lot fewer benefits and advantages than hot rolling, think again. The main reason why it’s expensive is because of the fact that it can be used by a wide range of businesses and industries and it’s known for its extreme rigidity and sturdiness.

If you place cold rolled steel side-by-side with hot rolled steel, the former is generally 20 percent a lot stronger and more durable than the regular and the normal cold rolled steel. Because of how it’s made (hot rolled, cooled, then rolled again), the durability builds up in the simplest building blocks of the sheet metal.

Because it is not subdued to extremely high temperatures, the surface finish and the overall exterior of cold-rolled steel is a lot better and more presentable than hot rolled steel.

These are among the pros that cold-rolled steel gives businesses and clients – so do you need hot or cold rolled steel?

What do You Need?

Answering this question would require the client who needs it to finalize what he or she will do with the rolled steel. If they need durability and overall rigidity, then they would need cold rolled steel because of the strength and the overall resistance that it has.

Should a client need a more malleable and a more flexible sheet metal, then hot rolled steel would automatically be what they need.

In simpler terms, the type of rolled steel that a client will need would be depending on how it’s going to be used.

You Can Trust us for Your Rolling Procedures

So if you are on the prowl for the best and the most reliable company that can perform both hot and cold rolling, we at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team are the best company that can do it for you. We have the best, the most advanced, and the most functional machinery and equipment and we can guarantee fast production with the quality never compromised.

Many construction companies and contractors have trusted us – and we never disappointed them with how our products and our outputs turned out to be. You can trust us too!

For all the sheet metal rolling requirements you have – you can never go wrong in choosing us here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team. We’ll be the company to help you with everything you need – even if it’s not sheet metal rolling!

Call us and tell us what you need – we’ll provide the estimate or the quotation that you need exactly for your project. Work with us and have all of the needed output delivered to your location on time!

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Michigan. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Michigan.

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