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CNC Milling

CNC milling-Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team

Have you ever thought about how some materials and products are made? Have you ever thought about how certain components, parts, and products have been engineered? Think about an industrial gear for a second – it’s one of the most used components in any type of machine, let alone any industry. How is it produced and designed? And most especially, what types of equipment can produce it?

Milling is one of the most complicated but the most rewarding processes in manufacturing and in metal fabrication. Because of milling, even the most complex products, materials, and shapes are made possible.

Going back to our gear example, milling is the process responsible for it. As technology grew and passed, many different machines and equipment have been developed – and one of the best ones is the CNC milling machine.

Many companies have put their money in CNC milling machines and we here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team are one of those companies. Because of the versatility and the diversity that we have – being able to work with a company in whatever niche or industry, and being able to produce generic and even industry-specific products – we knew that milling is one of the processes that we would regularly do.

How is Milling Done?

Before we dive straight into that topic, let us first have a pure understanding of what the process of milling does. To get things straight, the process of milling is a subtractive process that aims to reduce and to shape a certain product depending on how complex the client needs and wants it to be.

The milling process is actually simple, the workpiece would be placed and clamped in one place and it will be reduced by a cutter that is placed in a spinning or a rotary gear. Now, depending on the design or the engineering of the product would be the outcome of the product.

Manual milling would require the operator to be skilled in terms of measurements and dimensions – but that is the beauty of CNC milling – the machines would do all the work.

CNC Milling Machines

Now that you have an idea or two about what CNC milling machines are – what they can do and what they’re capable of, what are they exactly? To give you an in-depth look at what CNC milling machines are, they are technically milling machines that have the capacity and the ability to function on their own without the supervision of operators.

They would need to be turned on an initiated, of course, but in terms of how the workpiece gets maneuvered? It will all be done by the machine.

CNC is short for computer numerically controlled which means that they have the ability and the capacity to function with less human interaction and supervision. They will be able to function independently, meaning they will be able to cut through and perform their work on their own.

Advantage of Our CNC Milling Equipment

These CNC milling machines that we have here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team would clearly have advantages and benefits over the traditional and the conventional milling machines used by previous metal workers – but what are those benefits and advantages?

One of the favorite factors that manufacturers and even their clients consider in CNC milling is the fact that they have improved precision and accuracy. Since they’ll all follow a software or a program, there’ll be little-to-no room for mistakes.

As a matter of fact, when you work with us here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team and you need 500 units of, let’s say, a specified gear for your equipment, we are confident that we will be able to provide and produce the uniform product that you need.

With CNC milling, everything will be precise and accurate from the smallest detail to the biggest.

Because of the fact that their overall actions would not require help or supervision from humans, the rate of production would be a lot faster. To cite an example, our CNC press brake machines are capable of producing more than 800 bends in just an hour, whereas our manual press brakes could only do about 600.

CNC milling machines have more than 2 axes – they usually have about 3 to 5 axes and that is perfect for the creation and the designing of 3D designs and products. Because of this, CNC milling machines are capable of producing even the most complex and even products with the most dimensions to be inculcated in the overall design.

This allows manufacturers like us here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team to skip prototyping because we know that we would be able to produce the real deal.

Why Work With Us?

While there are other companies out there that have the same amount of investments as we do, it is imperative for you to understand that even if they possess the same CNC milling machines that we have, they do not have the same level of skill, expertise, and experience like we do.

All of our engineers, metal workers, and our fabrication professionals have decades of experience and they’ll neither disappoint nor dismay you with their performance.

Bundle that up with our CNC milling machines and you get perfection of the products and the materials you need to create and produce.

Through the continuous efforts of everyone in our team, we here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team have never been prouder of our efforts and our overall success rate when working with customers and clients from different industries and businesses.

Should you need help in the creation of complex shapes, parts, and components, remember that we here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team are just one call away – and you will never regret your decision that you chose us to handle the milling procedures that you need to be done.

Contact us now and we will send you the estimate and the quotation that you need! Never worry about how complex and how difficult your product is! You can count on us and our team of experts!

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