Powder coatings-Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team

Powder Coatings

Powder coatings-Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team

You may have heard of it and ignored it, or you might know it because some of the companies and businesses you know use it. Powder coating has been one of the most talked-about types of finishing since it was presented to us and it’s still the subject of debate even up to this day.

Because of the wide range of benefits, it has as well as the advantages that companies and businesses can get from it, it has been seen as one of the best and the most effective types of metal finishes in the entire industry of metal fabrication and manufacturing.

Are you aware and knowledgeable about how powder coating is performed? Do you know what happens behind the scenes? We here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team can give you the assurance that if you try powder coating, it’ll be the best and the only finish you will get for most, if not all of the products that you get. So what is powder coating?

Powder Coating Process

How does powder coating work? How well does it blend in on the type of business or company that you have? Before we dive into the topic, it is imperative to learn and to understand what the parts and components are in powder coating.

Here with us at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team, we use the following ingredients for our powder coatings:

  • Additives and Post Additives
  • Extenders and Tint Pigments
  • Polymer Resin Systems
  • Safe-to-Use Curing Agents

There are different kinds and types of powder coating procedures and applications – there are some that use a dry-off oven for it; there are some that utilize fluidized bed powder coating, and there are those companies that utilize electrostatic deposition.

The electrostatic deposition or EDS is the type of application used in many types, parts, and components of metal. In this procedure, the coating material will be applied and sprayed using an electrostatic spray deposition and will utilize a powder feeder, a powder spray booth, a power unit, and an electrostatic spray gun.

On the other hand, the fluidized bed powder coating procedure is the type of application where the powder coating material is sprayed electrostatically onto a surface. The parts or the materials being finished are preheated – and it is dipped into the powder material within the bed that has been fluidized.

What Do Powder Coatings Give?

So now that you are aware of how powder coating is done and what the processes involved are – what are you thinking? How can it be a good thing or even an advantage for your business? With powder coating, all of your products and outputs will be in their best shapes and conditions.

We here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team are proud of the benefits that our powder coatings can provide you and your products and outputs. Some of them include:

When talking about the different types and kinds of finishing, powder coating is undoubtedly the best and the most efficient because of the long-lasting effects it has on the products. Since it’s going to produce a textured type of gloss or matte, it’s going to allow the parts, components, and the products to be resistant from scratches, breakage, corrosion, and even flaking.

The powder coating finish is known as the best and the most flexible finish and it’s all because of the procedure on how it’s done – and also thanks to the continuous and the rapid feeding of resin to the materials.

If you haven’t known, other types of finish only employ a few different types and kinds of colors. For instance, metal plating would only allow a certain product or component to have a metallic plating that’s smooth.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with metal plating; but if you want a finish to your metallic products that have a lot of different available colors, then powder coating would be the best and the most efficient finish you can take advantage of.

We here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team are always on the journey to continuous learning. Even if we know that the powder coating process we perform is already good and high-level, we still look for many different factors and improvements that we can inculcate in our processes.

Because of this, the powder coating procedures that we offer all have reduced and decreased processing time. The powder coating finish alone gives a decreased processing time but when matched with our skills and our expertise – fast is an understatement.

Powder coating does not need a solvent in order for the paint or the color to be retained. This is one of the reasons why it is being continuously considered as the best and the safest option if you want to preserve and conserve the environment.

We here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team are the company that you can absolutely count on should you need help and assistance in finishing and in powder coating your parts, components, and materials.

Even though we are the experts in powder coating, we can’t deny the fact that we are also a company that you can count on should you need help with other types and kinds of finishing. We can complete and perform a wide range of finishing to whatever your parts, components, or your products are.

Our expertise and overall mastery in metal fabrication made us the best and the most reliable and the most dependable company in the metal fabrication and contract manufacturing industry. You can work with us if you need help in powder coating and in finishing but that’s not the only thing we’re capable of.

In fact, we here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team can help you from the very start and beginning of the metal fabrication process until the assembling procedure. Call us now and get the quotation that you need for the services and the products that you need to be done and finished!

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