TIG welding-Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team

TIG Welding

TIG welding-Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team

In order to accommodate different types of welds and different product outputs, welding has its own set of different procedures and methods. There’s MIG or Metal Inert Gas Welding; there’s stick welding or shielded metal arc welding; Tungsten Inert Gas or TIG welding – the list literally goes on.

But among the different welding types, we here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team value our MIG and TIG welding. Both of these are gas arc welding procedures which means that they’re a lot safer and a lot more efficient than the other types – and in this article, we’ll be focusing on the latter.

What is TIG Welding?

If you hadn’t noticed, TIG welding and MIG welding sound the same – well, in fact, they’re the same. The only difference is that TIG welding or Tungsten Inert Gas or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) uses non-consumable tungsten in the process instead of using a wire electrode.

Our company, Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team, has focused and invested a lot in our welding procedures and in fact, many clients were able to notice this from us.

The Process of TIG Welding

Akin to how MIG welding is done, TIG welding is also be fed through a spool and a welding machine where it can be either semi or fully-automatic. However, unlike MIG welding, the tungsten electrode would burn less, and thus the term “non-consumable.”

In reality, it’s not really non-consumable, tungsten just has a higher melting point so it doesn’t burn that easily – unlike a wire copper used in MIG welding.

The TIG welding process forms an arc and it sits right between the electrode and the workpiece. The process is done in an inert atmosphere of either helium or argon – and that’s how the magic happens. TIG welding can be done in a manual, automatic, or even a hybrid method – and it will all depend on the skill of the welder.

TIG Welding Requires Skill

Quite possibly the only downside that TIG welding has is that in comparison to MIG welding, the process of TIG welding is more difficult. It requires more skill and expertise – and the process would not be as easy as how MIG welding is done.

Good thing that we here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team have the best and the most sought welders in the industry. We are able to perform TIG welding with ease and no matter how difficult or how complex the product is.

Benefits of TIG Welding

Although our whole team at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team is adept and skilled in all the types and kinds of welding, why should you choose TIG welding over the others? What makes TIG welding a special and a good method of welding?

This is what makes it quite a bit more difficult method than MIG welding. In TIG welding, the control of the gun is the most important because one single mistake would either make the product bad or it can mess up the whole project.

But this comes as an advantage; because of our welders gaining more manual control over the weld, they’re able to produce the most accurate and the most precise welds for your product.

TIG welding can be applied to almost all types of metals and alloys – it can be used to weld the simplest and the thinnest of zinc, mild steels, aluminum steels, stainless steel; and even the thickest and the hardest of brass and bronze.

Its diversity is what keeps it alive in being the best and the most fruitful type of weld in the welding industry. TIG welding can even be done in all positions – vertical, horizontal, flat – and even overhead!

Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team is a company that is an expert in welding to the point that we know by heart what types of equipment, components, and materials we need in our welds. We know that filler metal is not necessary for TIG welding, unlike in stick welding – but if it’s needed, it can be manually added.

Moreover, no fluxes are to be used in the process, creating a clean and neat type of weld – the weld that would not produce the slag that all welders hate.

This brings more quality to your products and outputs because no extra material would be seen in the weld; the only thing you’ll see is the weld – that’s it!

Unless the workpiece contains chemicals that react to tungsten as well as the atmospheric conditions, there’ll be little-to-no fumes and smoke that would be spewed in the process. This keeps all our welding experts here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team at bay, providing the best and the highest-caliber of the products that you need.

No smoke basically means no distractions for the welder – reducing to a more accurate and a more precise weld!

Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team’s Different Approach

Unlike other companies and other freelance welders, we don’t just dive right into the workpiece. We carefully study the requests and the desires of our clients first before we work on a specific project. By doing so, we look back a little less on what we’re doing because our team of welders knows what they have to do by heart.

You can absolutely count on us here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team for all the TIG welding needs you have. Never did any of our clients come back to us telling us that we’ve done a bad work on their project.

What did they tell us? Simple – that we’re the best manufacturer and metal fabrication company they’ve ever worked with. Our welding is high-class – and it has proven itself to a wide range of companies and businesses in the industry.

Contact us here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team for the best welding you will ever experience and in the price that you will absolutely fall in love with! You can also receive the quotation and the estimate that you need via call so you would not have to guess the prices!

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