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Steel Bending

Steel Bending-Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team

In the creation of fabricated steel products, parts, outputs, and components, a lot of effort and knowledge is needed. This is because of the fact that steel, unlike other materials, is rigid, tough, and it needs a reliable force in order for it to be bent, shaped, and formed.

Ever since the creation of metallic parts and outputs, the process of steel bending has been sought and seen as part of the most important and the most essential services. As a matter of fact, steel bending has been the reason why most of the things that we see right now have their specific and distinct shape – it’s the reason why most of the metallic products and outputs are different.

We here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team can promise you the excellence of the steel bending that we perform. All over the state of Michigan, we have been seen and considered by many companies and businesses as the best and the most reliable steel and metal fabrication company; we are the manufacturer and the fabrication company capable of performing a whole wide range of services through the distinct and specific value-added services that we offer.

Bending Methods

In the fabrication and the manufacturing industry, there are a total of five (5) different bending methods that are done and performed by fabrication companies and manufacturers; they are:

  • Hot Bending
  • Incremental Bending
  • Induction Bending
  • Rotary-Draw Bending
  • Rolling or Cold Bending

Our company has focused a lot in performing all of the bending methods we’re offering. However, our main focus was on the incremental bending, the rolling or cold bending, and the hot bending. These are the main services and activities we do in meeting the demands that our clients have.

Hot Bending

From its term, it is the process in which the part or the component of steel is subdued in high temperatures – and ten that’s the time it’s bent. More often than not, we use hot bending not in the creation of products and components, but in reshaping and remolding them.

We offer a whole other set of services in our hot bending procedure – we have single-axis rollers that can be utilized in the process and the source of heat that we utilize can either be direct flame or a furnace.

Rolling or Cold Bending

Cold bending is the process of placing the steel in a singular roller without being heated. This results to the steel being rigid and hard – and it reduces the spring back that the bending process offers.

We have high sets of rollers here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team and we have the best and the most experienced technicians, engineers, fabrication experts, and designers in the entire league.

Incremental Bending

Also known as gas pressing, incremental bending is known to be the simplest and the most basic method of steel bending. More usually, this method of bending is used to bend and curve steel that would need to have large radii as a final product.

The equipment that we here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team use for incremental bending is our advanced CNC press brake machines that we also use for press braking and for bending metal.

Should you need the complete-package of fabricated steel and metal, working with us would be the best because of how our steel bending processes and procedures are engineered. Using our advanced machinery and procedures, we can give you the assurance that you’ll receive not only the strongest and the most durable, but also the processes that have the highest quality.

Because of the fact that we use advanced rollers and CNC press brakes, you’ll never worry about deadlines – we can beat deadlines and we can even deliver faster than what our clients regularly expect. Speed is one of the things we’re famous for and we will never disappoint you.

Our services and our production fees and costs are lower because of the fact that even if you need the steel products mass-produced, our CNC machines and state-of-the-art technology can help you with it fully and in a faster timeframe than what usually the delivery time is.

As a matter of fact, we will help you save because we know how difficult it is for companies and businesses especially if they need help by outsourcing the parts and components they need.

What’s the Best?

All of these three steel bending techniques we’re masters of have their own types of benefits and disadvantages. Depending on the following factors would be what the best process for you would be:

  • Industry you’re working in
  • The type of product and output you’re looking for
  • Malleability and rigidity of the steel part or component
  • Design and overall structure of the steel product or output

Before you tell us that you are in dire need of a steel bending procedure, you first have to finalize the product you’re looking to produce and to fabricate. Would the physicality and the accuracy of the bend matter? Or would you care more about the strength and the overall durability of the steel?

No matter what you want and how you want it to end up, you can count on us here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team because of the advantages and the benefits of the steel bending procedures we can give.


We’re All-Around

If you’re already hooked with our company, don’t’ get too excited – that’s not all! We are also the company that can commit to the procurement of all your materials and components that we would need in our steel bending process.

We here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team are your overall metal fabrication and contract manufacturing company skilled and adept in performing the entire and the comprehensive metal fabrication process as well as the singular value-added services in every phase.

Contact us now and get the production and the fabrication you need fast and urgently!

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