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High-Mix, Low-Volume

High-Mix Low-Volume-Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team

Lean manufacturing is the practice of the methodology of improving production by limiting the costs and the expenses while heightening and improving the profitability as well as the productivity of a certain company.

One of the most well-known lean manufacturing strategies is none other than the high-mix, low-volume strategy. The high-mix, low-volume strategy, or simply, HMLV, is the type of manufacturing that employs a controlled volume of the production while employing a high mix of the products.

In manufacturing, this is especially common in the production of shirts, textiles, apparel, and the like but in metal fabrication and in contract manufacturing – it’s anything that involves steel, metals, and other types of alloys.

And should you find yourself in need of a company that can perform HMLV in the best ways possible, then we here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team are the company that you can very much count on.

Before we get into that topic deeper, let us first have a clearer and better understanding of what HMLV is – let’s try to define what HMLV is.

A Comprehensive Definition of High-Mix, Low Volume

From its term alone, you already know how this type of manufacturing works. However, for the benefit of us all, HMLV is the type of manufacturing where the volume of a certain variation of a product is limited only to the amount that is needed by a certain company.

The mix could be anywhere and it could be as high as the company wants but the most usual only would be around 3 to 5 variations – there are companies that need 10 or more. To give you a more concrete example of what HMLV is, let’s imagine that you’re an aerospace company and you asked for our assistance here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team.

You call us and you tell us that you need a total of 5,000 parts – but it’s going to be for 5 different aircraft. That basically means that we will be creating five (5) different types and kinds of products, each having 1,000 pieces.

It might sound easy but when you only have a limited number of machines, you’ll think of a workaround on how you will be able to do it.

What is HMLV for?

So some of you might be thinking – what good does HMLV have in the manufacturing and in the fabrication industry? What can it give its clients and the businesses and companies when it comes to the production and the creation of their products and components?

To tell you, HMLV has been one of the reasons why many companies found success in their businesses. They used the effective and the efficient strategies offered by HMLV and lean manufacturing and they were able to mitigate the damages and the mistakes that they constantly create – and even better, they were able to eliminate it.

Compare the costs you will do when you produce 10,000 units of products if you’re not even sure how much of it would sell. But, if you create 5,000 units of two (2) products, you will be able to mitigate certain problems like overproduction, surplus, and even the waste in the materials of the production.

With HMLV, you are able to eliminate your fear of you losing sales because of a product’s trait of being unable to sell. You can spread the market and offer multiple products in order for consumers to be able to have different options and choices.

Having different products in low volumes, your reaction time to adjust to the market’s demand will be faster and it will be more efficient. As a matter of fact, HMLV is one of the weapons that companies use in order for them to have a faster time to get to their markets.

By overproducing parts, components, products, and even semi-finished equipment, a business will have less time to adjust and to create some of the things that the market demands. This will disable them to be adaptive to what the market needs and what the market would be willing to purchase.

With HMLV, many different techniques and strategies can be made. From the wide range and the wide selection of items that consumers and the market can choose from, to the strategy in the production and the development of some of the products, companies and businesses would be able to formulate better and more effective strategies on how they can offer their products.

In addition to that, by letting an effective and an efficient company like us here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Teamwork on your manufacturing, you will get the chance to strategize on how you can grow and expand your company to the best and the fullest level.

Final Verdict

Overall, the high-mix, low-volume manufacturing strategy will be a positive note for a certain company or business. Without it, many businesses we now know might not even be performing the way they do. For instance, if Apple only released one type of iPhone every year, people would be forced to buy it without being given the freedom to choose.

But no – what they do is that they produce multiple types of iPhones so that consumers will be stuck into the options that THEY offer. From there, they already have gotten the yes from their market.

Across the entire state of Michigan, we here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team have been considered by many businesses and companies as their best and their most dependable manufacturer. Never did we see our clients’ problems as permanent – in fact, we offer a solution that would not only help put an end to all of their challenges – but also develop and improve their businesses in the best ways they can.

Give us a call and experience the most efficient and the most effective high-mix, low-volume manufacturing in the entire state – let alone the entire manufacturing industry! Get your quote by calling us!

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