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CNC Turning

CNC turning-Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team

Out of all the many different processes and procedures in fabrication, it’s difficult to deny the fact that turning is one of the most exciting, yet the most difficult tasks. Turning, if you’re not aware, is a fabrication process that would require the workpiece or the material to be placed in a rotator holder so that it’s spun and rotating at high speed.

Then, a cutter would be in place and would shred the material by damping the cutter on the surface or the exterior of the product. By doing so, the overall size and the diameter of the product are decreased, therefore creating the product to be more precise and accurate depending on how the client needs the product to be.

The process of turning is old and it is in fact, used by many previous metal workers in the industry. However, as time passed by, the need for turning has been so in demand to the point where manufacturers and fabrication companies needed to produce more than 1,000 turned products and components in under a month.

Thus, the creation of CNC turning machines has come. What CNC turning is is something we would be explaining – and in fact, we here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team would also give you a bit of an insight about how we perform turning and we might just be the company you’ve been looking for.

CNC Turning

As complex and as difficult as it may seem, turning can actually be controlled by a computer and it could actually be maneuvered by the machine alone without the operator touching it while it’s being processed.

Similar to how other CNC machines work, CNC turning would require the final design of the product or the output, the design would also be needed to be translated into formatting that our CNC machines could read –and that’s how the magic works.

To provide a more simplified and a more detailed list of steps on how CNC turning is done:

  • The design and the engineering of the product needs to be in a vector file format in order for our computers to recognize it;
  • We will then create a program as a form of software based on the design you have;
  • Then, we would set the settings of our CNC turning equipment to match the program of how the design goes; lastly
  • We’ll load up the workpiece into the machine and the machine will do all the work

Similar to the traditional and the conventional way of how turning worked, the products that our CNC turning machines would produce would also be cylindrical products. The reason for this is because the process of turning is used to help a cylindrical product have a more defined and more emphasized shape and form.

Benefits of Our CNC Turning Machines

It is quite obvious that we at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team have invested in CNC turning machines because of the fact that we are aware of the advantages and the benefits that it has over the regular and traditional turning.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get if you work with us:

The process of turning is originally done and complete by humans but if CNC turning machines did the work, then there’s no reason for it to be inaccurate. The main reason why we have programmers is the fact that we want the program to be exact – and that will depend on the design and the output.

CNC turning machines would strictly follow how the program is – its speed, its functions, its movement – even to how the workpiece is going to be twisted and turned.

Since little-to-no human interaction is required, the production rate of CNC turning machines is obviously better, higher, and faster than if humans worked on it. The primary benefits that CNC turning has to include:

  • The sped and the agility of the production
  • Urgency and timing of how the product is made

Need 100 or more copies of the same product? The CNC turning machines that we have here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team would guarantee you the exact same copies of your products! Because of the fact that it will only follow one program, we can assure you that the products would be 100% uniform and accurate.

Errors are less than 1% in the case and they rarely happen.

Did you know that CNC turning machines are able to produce shapes and outputs that manual machines can’t? Because of the multiple axes that it has, it can simultaneously make the cuts and the shreds that it needs, resulting in a wide range of complex shapes and forms that you can well take advantage of.

Those are just some of the few benefits and advantages of working with us here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team to produce the cylindrical objects, parts, components, and products that you need for your business or your company.

Work With Us!

Should you ever find yourself in a situation where you need help and assistance in the process of turning, never hesitate to give our guys at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team a call. It does not matter what industry you’re in – if you need help in turning, we got you.

Using our CNC turning machines, you would not have a dull moment when you work with us. Need to produce your parts, products, and components fast? We got you – do you need help in the creation of complex shapes and designs? You can count on us.

Many different companies have trusted us to perform the turning they need and they never were disappointed with how their products turned out to be.

With just one call, you will be able to experience not only the best and the highest quality of turning – you will have the chance to experience world-class customer experience and professionalism too!

Contact us here at Michigan Contract Manufacturing Team now and get your estimate!

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